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What others have been saying:

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“I also was in awe when I visited the school a couple of years ago. I walked out the door feeling I had been in a special place.”

–Max Armstrong, Director of Broadcasting at Farm Progress

“Last night was great! The entire production seemed flawless, and the three actors could not have been better. Jim had Walter nailed! Both Tom and I encourage you to schedule more performances of last night’s presentation….all vignettes were powerful.”

Kay Cronkite Barnes
Former Mayor of Kansas City, MO

“What a great job last night with all three Cronkite productions! You should be very proud of all the hard work that has paid off. My entire family (along with the full audience) recognized that this is something very special. Again, great work!!”

Dave Liechti
Missouri Western State Univeristy Board of Governor’s Vice Chair

“Last night we attended the multi-media presentation And That’s the Way It Is: Cronkite’s Journey. Absolutely outstanding! For us it was as if we had seen a video of our lives from young adulthood to the present. A quiet uneasiness fell over the audience as we experienced the violence of the Civil Rights Movement. In the light of the events across our nation in the past months, we realized that we haven’t made the significant changes that we have hoped. We need a revolution–in the hearts of individuals so that we may indeed be the nation God would intend. The acting was excellent; the content was superb; the production, outstanding. The comments about the significance of Cronkite stand: we believed his reporting, his manner; we were confident of his integrity. Just as he said about 9/11–it has forever changed our nation regarding our lack of security and safety; his death brought to an end the solid reporting of the news media. Thank you for all your work to make this happen..”

Georgia Herod

“Michelle and I so enjoyed our evening at the Cronkite Memorial. What a fabulous facility and appropriate monument to a great American who helped define the twentieth century. To say that we were impressed would be a gross understatement. The quality of the exhibits, their interactive nature, and the programming you are building around them add up to a model other universities and museums would be proud to adopt.”

Kurt Graham
Harry S. Truman Presidential Library

“We were impressed with both plays, and commend you for the excellent direction and selection of topics to be covered. I had the opportunity to interview both President Truman (the first of several times as a college junior the week after he left office in January 1953) and Mr. Cronkite. Their sincerity and their humility came across clearly in the times I had with them, and those same qualities were well displayed in the univerisity’s presentations. (The museum) is a huge asset to the city. The quality of the museum and its exhibits and the quality of the live productions can match up with anything produced in New York or Los Angeles. You are to be commended.”

Bob Slater
Former Managing Editor of the St. Joseph News-Press

“I recently had the great pleasure of visiting the campus of Missouri Western State University and… visited the Walter Cronkite Memorial which I have to say was impressive, impactive and insightful. The Memorial’s integration into the public space of the Spratt Atrium is a remarkable achievement and the interactive aspect of being able to recall Mr Cronkite’s most memorable moments on air raised a tear but also allowed us to remember the man we knew, loved and trusted growing up. As a result of my visit, I will be a strong advocate for anyone visiting the area that this is a ‘must see’ and when we return in a couple of years’ time we will pay another visit, I’m sure, in homage to one of America’s most important figures.”

Charles Elder
Media Relations Manager
University of Southampton, UK

“The memorial was very interesting and I learned a lot. I will revisit the memorial every chance I get!”

Jane Williams, St. Joseph, MO

“Missouri Western State University did an excellent job of putting together a great tribute to Walter and all of his great accomplishments.”

Bob Jones, Austin, TX