“And That’s The Way It Is” is a trilogy of live, multi-media productions comprised of “Harry and Walter: Missouri’s Native Sons,” “King and Cronkite,” and “Cronkite.” 

***Please note that showings of the plays are suspended at this time, but information remains available below.***

Conceived and Edited by:
Robert A. Vartabedian

Robert A. Vartabedian and Bob Willenbrink

Jim Korinke as Walter Cronkite, Ken Remmert as Harry Truman,
Walter Coppage as Martin Luther King, Jr.

Mr. Korinke, Mr. Remmert, and Mr. Coppage are proud members of the Actors’ Equity Association

Multi-Media Producer and Director:
Tara Stoll

Technical Director:
Jake Kelly

Music By:
Ryan Menley

Executive Producers:
Gordon Mapley and Cori Criger

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